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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Tinkerbell 10k and Half Marathon

Well, almost wordless. I'm a slacker. I admit it. Life, pregnancy, winter, they've all gotten in the way of posting about Tinkerbell weekend. Pregnancy brain keeps me from remembering details from this weekend, so I'll just post the pictures from the first half of my Coast 2 Coast challenge and my first trip to Disneyland.
Sarah, one of many runDisney buddies I've made, and me
My BRF for the weekend, Amy(Mom's Magical Miles), and our flat Julie
A spectacular costume, Kevin from Up. Someone ran an entire 10k in this outfit.
The tightrope Walker and Widowed Bride from the Haunted Mansion, I have never seen them on a course or in the parks before!
DisBroads Amy, Patty and April
April(from Run the Great Wide Somewhere), DisBroad Patty, DisBroad Amy, DisBroad April
Photo Courtesy of Amy
Tink 10k done!
My first A corral start(and last)
The disappointingly small castle at Disneyland. And trash cans.
Really? I pay $175 for a race and you want me to be quiet? I think not.
The DisBroads reunite. On the side of the highway.
Why thank you random stranger!