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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend Part Two-Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I don't know if you know this, but I love Christmas. Like really, really love Christmas. Obviously I also love Disney so Disney+Christmas=Winning for me. After registering for the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon, I was extremely pleased to hear that the day I came into Florida would be the very first night of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party(known as MVMCP from here on out). Of course I was going. I hadn't planned any park trips and I wanted to see the Magic Kingdom all lit up for Christmas, so this was my chance.
While the party doesn't start until 7pm, you can get into the park with just your event ticket starting at 4 pm. At 4pm I was at the gate, natch. My party ticket linked up perfectly to my Magic Band so with a touch of my wrist, I was in. The cast members are dressed in festive holiday attire and greet you just past the gate with wristbands that serve as your admission in and your ability to stay once they start moving regular park goers out at 7.
I seriously need one of these shirts.

We were greeted at the entrance by Christmas decorations.
This was just a small taste of the goodness we'd find inside. Let me tell you, the Magic Kingdom has decked the halls for the Christmas season. It's pretty during the day, but awe-inspiring at night.
I hurried in, because I decided to test out the new Fastpass+ system, and had reserved fastpasses in My Disney Experience well ahead of time. So which ride did I choose? Well, none. I am a big kid at heart so I reserved fastpasses for the new Princess Fairytale Hall.

I love meeting with characters, probably more than riding rides. I do love rides, but I love a good selfie with a Princess more. There are two sides to this hall, one features Rapunzel and a visiting princess(that day was Snow White), the other features Cinderella and a visiting princess(Aurora). I reserved fastpasses for both sides. Another touch of my Magic Band and I was granted quick access to each side.
I was attending the party with all of the other DisBroads and had come into the park with DisBroad Amy. Amy had her own fastpasses so we went our separate ways to our own attractions, before meeting up with honorary DisBroad for the weekend(and one of our roommates) Wendy for dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. This restaurant has become my go-to place to eat the day before a race. I love the food and it's got plenty of carbs and protein.

By the time we were finishing up with dinner, it was inching closer to 7, when non-ticket holders would exit the park, ticket holders would come in(if they weren't already) and the party would start.After dinner we decided to go for a ride on Big Thunder Mountain. While there was a line, it was constantly moving, so our wait time was short. We hopped on, it had grown dark by this point, and had an awesome ride. My post large meal sleepiness was in full swing, so we decided to make our way up to the front of the park to hit the new Starbucks. On our way up, we came upon the Country Bears starting to take pictures in Frontierland, the line was short, so we decided to stop for pictures.

Let me tell you, the bears, they were rough. They jumped on us, huddled in on us, stroked hair, and jumped on us for chest bumps. Amy got the brunt of the Bears, um, enthusiasm.
By this point they were starting to make people without wristbands leave and we got caught in the hoard of people trying to leave the park on our way up to Starbucks. We finally got there and they had closed down the shop while the park made the switch of people. I was bummed, but it had started to snow on Main Street and Christmas music was playing loudly, so it wasn't a complete wash.

This is one of the draws of the Christmas party. Disney creates snow(foam) on the tops of the buildings on Main Street USA and blows it down. So even though it was 70+ degrees and I was wearing shorts, it felt like I was walking in a winter wonderland. I loved it and my pictures just don't do it justice.
We decided not to wait for Starbucks to open and to head back to visit with characters. We wanted to see Phineas and Ferb so we headed that way. Along the way we passed one of the many treat stations the park had, where they had free cookies and hot cocoa(FREE. At Disney!!). Attempting to replace caffeine with a large rush of sugar, we decided to go get some.
We then headed to Tomorrowland to see Phineas and Ferb. The line wasn't terribly long, but I have this knack for driving characters away. I often wait in lines only for the characters to need a break(in this case they had to go check on Perry)when I've made my way to the front of the line. It's why I still have yet to meet Chip and Dale. I mentioned this in line and of course, it happened. They were back within a few minutes(they found Perry) and we had our pictures.
We decided to head back over to the Princess Fairytale hall because the princesses would have their princes with them during the party(another special feature of the party, on top of all of the characters being dressed for winter/Christmas). This line was way too long for our liking(30-60 minutes, I hear Flynn Rider likes to talk) and we had passed Minnie Mouse on the way over, so we decided to go back to her for pictures.
After Minnie we met up with the rest of the DisBroads(with the exception of DisBroad Patty, who ditched us for her husband. Psshhh he doesn't read her blog.) to ride the Jingle Cruise, a Christmas themed version of the Jungle Cruise. We met up with DisBroads Tania, Kristen, Suzanne, Julie and our honorary DisBroad Bonnie.
DisBroads are ready for the Jingle Cruise

The cruise was slightly disappointing. While they had Christmas decorations in the line, there were no actual holiday changes to the ride itself, aside from a few Christmas references by our tour guide.

After the ride, the Broads proves their love to me by agreeing to make our way to the front of the park to try Starbucks again. Fireworks were getting ready to start and everyone was crowded on Main Street for a view. We made it, and I got my liquid gold. The cast member taking orders loved my shirt, and wrote my name on my cup accordingly.
We stepped outside the fireworks, which were beyond words amazing. Disney normally puts on a good fireworks show but they add a lot of extra oomph to the MVMCP fireworks. They shine snowflake shaped lights on the castle and instead of normal Wishes music, they play Christmas music. It blew normal Wishes away.

When the fireworks were finished, I parted ways with the rest of the girls, who wanted to ride a ride. I wanted to see Tiana and Prince Naveen so I got in line for them. I finished my coffee as I stood in line, which again was rather short compared to normal.
I met up with the rest of the girls in Frontierland, the parade was about to begin and they had just gotten off Big Thunder Mountain so we were going to stay and watch it. As we waited for it to start, I noticed something about Splash Mountain that caught my eye. Many single riders were going down and some of the boats were completely empty. It's rare that you ever see Splash Mountain this empty so I saw it as a prime picture opportunity and decided to go ride. I had no volunteers in terms of joining me either. I walked right on and rode by myself, and an epic picture it was.
Like. A. Boss.
 When I got off and met with the girls, Julie couldn't resist the picture opportunity so we road again, and once again, completely by ourselves.
#WineDineHalfStein It's a thing.
By the time we finished and met with the rest of the girls, the parade was over. Next stop, the Princess Fairytale Hall, to try once more for pictures with princesses with their princes.

The line was still just as long but we got in anyway. After 10-15 minutes of not moving, we decided to get out of line and head to the front or the park. It was getting close to midnight, and while we weren't facing our clothes turning to rags and our coach turning into a pumpkin, we were facing the park closing down, which was just as bad, if not worse. *Sad face* Kristen and I stopped for a Nutella waffle sandwich(carb loading you know). It was heavenly.

We lost Amy along the way, as most of our phones were dead thanks to the massive amount of pictures and sharing with the social media world, as well as large amounts of text messages sent trying to coordiante all of the Broads in the park. We were supposed to be finally meeting Patty in front of the castle for pictures. I used the last 1% trying to find the rest of the girls, but we found them(minus Amy, whose phone was fully dead). Looking for them gave us an amazing view of the castle, all lit up for Christmas.
We finally gathered in our spot and had one last group Christmas party picture.
It was midnight and time to go. I had a half marathon in 24 hours, and had been up and traveling since 6:30 that morning, so I was ready for bed.

Wrapping up, the Christmas party was mind blowing. The decorations, snow, treats, characters, the little wait time for rides, the fireworks and everything else made for such a fun time. So much fun that my husband, aka Mr. You Need To Go On a Disney Diet, has agreed to a trip next year so we can take our kids. I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Best. Splash Mountain Picture. EVER! #LikeABoss It was a fun night- even if I missed out on MOST of the party.

    1. I get it, Rob comes first. Even if he doesn't read your blog.

  2. Such a fun night. Absolutely love the Splash Mountain picture.

  3. April - Loved your pics! You were having a grand old time. I love the splash mountain pic. You are right, epic! But I was already cold and didn't want to get wet. haha. The free hot cocoa and cookies were fab and they were actually tasty! So nice to finally meet you!

    1. It was very cold when wet but I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity! It was so nice to finally meet you too.