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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 1

I decided to start this program on Monday, a fresh week, a fresh start. I planned my meals out Sunday night. I can tell you, meal planning helps. If I don't know what I'm eating ahead of time and get hungry or my blood sugar drops, I am frantic for food and will grab anything. There is a higher chance of failure. As I've mentioned, I love food. Especially carbs and sweets. Chocolate, cookies, bread, cakes, cereal, I love it all and more. There is NONE of that in this program. They have ways you can substitute for a treat here and there but honestly, what it takes up(you consider it one of your colored containers) isn't worth it. I've seen so many people talk about this plan being so much food and that's somewhat true, but the food is not filling and so within 2 hours I'm shaky and needing desperately to eat. I have often found myself so hungry. I am an eater when bored so it could be partly that. So I will give you the run down of day 1.

Day 1: Starting Weight 141.6 lbs

Based on my calorie intake, I am supposed to eat 4 greens, 3 purples, 4 reds, 3 yellows, 1 orange and 1 blue, as well as 4 teaspoons(teaspoons are for certain good oils or nut/seed butters). The containers are small, although they aren't always as small as they seem.

I woke up dreading the day. I made my coffee(coffee is ok during this plan). I put my creamer in it. Creamer is not ok during this plan. I don't care. I need my coffee and I need my creamer in my coffee. I wanted a nice bowl of cereal but no. I settled for a piece of whole wheat bread(I despise whole wheat bread), 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and a half of a banana. It wasn't so bad.

Tally: 1 purple, 1 yellow, 1 teaspoons.

I had 1 blue container of pecan halves for snack around 9:30am. It was underwhelming but kept me ok until lunch time.

Lunch time rolled around and I had a pretty decent sugar crash. I have wonky blood sugar, I attribute this to eating so many sweets. I'm not diabetic or hypoglycemic by any means but if I go too long without eating, my body lets me know. I get shaky. On my normal diet, I don't need a snack between breakfast and lunch and only rarely do I get shaky like that by noon. Yesterday was different.

For lunch I had a salad made of baby spinach and a spring mix of lettuce, topped with 3 slices of chopped turkey(2 greens and 1/2 a red) and 1 hard boiled egg(1/2 red), as well as a red container filled with cottage cheese.

Tally: 2 reds, 2 greens

Afternoon snack was a pear, for 1 purple.

Come dinner time I was starving!! I was also angry. Withdrawals from sugar and being hangry wasn't a good combo. Add in making a separate dinner for my family(no way would my family eat like this), and I wasn't thrilled. I made and plated my kids' dinner(we did eat some of the same things, but not all) and then measured mine out. Even though I had my meal planned, measuring takes forever and when you are hungry, it really kind of sucks.

My dinner was 1 1/2 chicken breast tenderloin, baked(1 red), 1/2 a baked sweet potato(with nothing on it, no butter or cinnamon, whomp whomp), another salad of baby spinach and mixed greens(stick around and you will notice a pattern) with sliced cucumbers(2 green) and I subbed my last 2 teaspoons with a bit of homemade dressing. I can't eat salad without some kind of dressing and I can't put peanut butter on salad, so I swapped.

Tally: 1 red, 1 yellows, 2 greens(finishing greens for the day).

So after dinner I still had 1 yellow, 1 purple and 1 red left. There was part of my problem with being so hungry. I didn't eat enough during the day. I overestimated dinner, thinking the chicken would take up more room as would the sweet potato.

I was excited to have a "snack" of 1 yellow of Cheerios and 1 red of cottage cheese about an hour later. I skipped the last purple.

So my thoughts on my first day. It wasn't horrible, but I had to tell myself over and over that anyone can do anything for 21 days. There were so many times that I just wanted to eat something not so 21 Day Fix approved but each urge had to be fought at that time. So far, so good.

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