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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2/5/2013 I Caught The Bug

I swore I wouldn't. The bug. The running bug. The desire to keep going after the Princess Half Marathon, to keep running, to do more long races like this. I will admit, up until about a month ago, I hated all of this. I hated the training. I hated the obligation. I wanted to do this half marathon, say I did it, pat myself on the back, and never run again. Well maybe never run again is an exaggeration, but certainly never again with a rigid training schedule and long mileage. But I kind of turned a corner on January 1. I knew it was time to get down to business with training. Yes, I had done the handful of races and ran once a week, most of the time. But on January 1 I hopped on my treadmill. And I started maintaining my Wednesday/Friday runs, and a long run on Sunday. I started climbing, and recently did over 8 miles. And then the excitement of the upcoming PHM really hit. And I liked it all. For the month of January I ran over 50 miles, that's a first for me. I love feeling so accomplished. And I love the anticipation of the race. So this past Friday, when I got a special email about another half marathon in October. I jumped on it and registered. I never thought I'd be here, excited about running these kinds of high miles. I'm already looking at the Princess Half Marathon for next year as well. I'm loving this new me, and the strong feeling that comes with accomplishing what I have.

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