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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7/11/2012 Changes

I love that after less than 2 weeks of being back to running, I'm already seeing the effects in other parts of my life. Besides the obvious affects on how well, how far, and how fast I can run(ummmm, 3.15 miles anyone?), it's really boosting my endurance in other areas. Before I got back to running, I liked to think I was "in shape". I mean, I did Zumba once a week! That qualifies right? I could make it through the entire class without passing out, and that's an hour of working out. But I always noticed that halfway through class, during peak, I was dragging. Huffing and puffing and my body just felt zapped of energy and I had to push myself through it.
This past Monday was my first class since I started running. The change was huge. I didn't find myself looking at the clock after every song, counting down the minutes until the class was over. Not once did I find myself lacking energy, or huffing and puffing. It was an enjoyable workout and a nice break from running. I love seeing the results for the time and effort I'm putting in to training for the half marathon.

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