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Thursday, June 13, 2013

EnergyBits Review- I Am Powered By Bits!! Energy Bits GIVEAWAY!!

In recent weeks, I've heard a lot of chatter in my running communities and on Twitter about something called EnergyBits. I'll be honest, I didn't pay much attention. Another supplement, those things are a dime a dozen. I've tried things here and there, stuff like Shakeology(which has to be the nastiest stuff on the planet, I could barely get through 2 days of that sludge), and I found it overpriced and pointless. I used fuel on long runs, as I couldn't eat too much before those runs. I was left with awful stomach issues and an uncomfortable feeling. There was no "magic pill" that could help me out. But EnergyBits had caught my interest. I entered a few giveaways for samples, but didn't win, and left it be. That was until the company actually reached out to me on Twitter. I followed them, they followed me, and they had been keeping up with my posts, which are pretty much just about running and fitness. This company was actually interested in how I was doing. We chatted about my ITBS and how my current training was going. Wow, since when does a company reach out to their followers to check in on them? Impressive. They offered me a sample, to try out and review on this blog. Well of course, I'll take a sample! Here's the thing about me. I love free stuff. At the grocery store, I'm all over free samples. I belong to freebie sites to try things out. I love trying new things. Keep in mind I still wasn't sold on EnergyBits. Sure, it would be cool to try, but they looked expensive, and while my ability to drop large amounts of money on Disney races might suggest otherwise, I'm cheap. I use coupons, I like to save money, and I will only spend money on things that I find 100% worth it and amazing. Just 2 days after talking to them on twitter, I had my sample of EnergyBits in my mailbox. Wow, talk about fast. It was a Friday, and boy did I need a pick me up. By the end of the school year for my kids, I was running on empty. Late nights of working, early mornings and getting the kids ready for school, working during the day, keeping up my house, getting my running and exercise in, Fridays are usually rough for me. Fridays at the end of the school year were even worse. I was so exhausted I could barely see straight. My beloved coffee was working overtime and still not producing. I was excited to try the Bits out. I opened my package to spill out the contents.
A tin of Bits to try and lots of information about the Bits themselves. GREAT information, lots of stuff I didn't know, and comparisons to put things in perspective. I have no problem hitting up Starbucks or grabbing an energy drink when I'm out. Sure, it seems cheap at the first glance, $2-4, but it adds up! Not to mention the huge amounts of calories, chemicals and complete lack of nutrition. Might be a short term pick me up, but probably does more damage than I care to pay attention to in the long run.
So they SOUNDED impressive, but would they actually perform? I still had doubts. I figured it was good for me, but I wasn't going to feel any different. I mean, yes, something being good for me was always a plus, but I wanted to be wowed like everyone said I would be. I opened my tin. Let's get the first piece of info out of the way. EnergyBits don't smell pretty. In fact, they smell exactly like fish food. That's because, well, they are fish food. EnergyBits are made of 100% organically grown spirulina algae. Not one single other additive. That's one thing I liked about it, just pure, simple, one ingredient. So yes, they smelled like fish food. They are small and green tablets. But they aren't vitamins or supplements, they are food, just in pill form. Because let's face it, I'm not going to my nearest pond to eat some algae.
As you can see, they are small, and very easy to take. I've heard you can chew them like nuts, but well, I didn't go there. The recommended daily amount is 30, or more if you are particularly active. that day, aside from the normal daily goings on, I was not particularly active. I started by taking 10. They went down very easily. There was no after taste and no lingering smell or taste. The website says that these break down and absorb very quickly, as they should, seeing that they are one simple ingredient. The website did not lie. I felt a little boost from just 10, so I took 10 more. Now I take different things for energy. I drink A LOT of coffee. I drink coffee from the time I get up until well into the evening, probably way too much. This makes it hard to keep properly hydrated, which is something that is key when I'm running or working out. Too many times I have noticed the dehydration when I go running. While I will always love my coffee, and it does give me my boost, it's not an optimal boost. I feel energetic, but it's a nervous kind of energy. I feel like I need to do 10 things at once, and sometimes it leaves me snappy and quick. I feel like I am trying to go too much and go too fast. This is not a good thing when you have 3 children who usually prefer to move at the pace of a snail crawling through molasses. But the Bits gave me a different kind of energy, a pleasant kind of energy. I felt the pep, but it was a smooth energy, one that put me in a better mood. Were they kidding me? Were these actually the magic food they claimed to be? It was feeling like it. But that was just how I felt on a normal day, how would they perform when I had actual physical activity? I would find out the next day. The day after I got my Energy Bits sample in the mail, I had the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle race. My race was in the afternoon, so I had a good breakfast, lots of water, a smidge of coffee and a handful of Bits. Temps were near 90 degrees that day, in the sun. I was afraid of fading fast in the heat. But I didn't. It was hot, it was rough, but I felt good. I was worn out after, but another 15 Bits and I was good to go, enough so that we took the kids out to dinner and did a little shopping. So my Bits sample passed the daily life test and the physical activity test. I performed better each time, I was able to lay off the coffee and drink a lot more water, plus I got all kinds of nutritional goodness, including protein! Protein for athletes is key, it can be hard to get enough in your regular diet. But these aren't just for athletes. I do run 3 times a week and do other fitness/strength training activities a couple of times a week, but a big part of my life revolves around my home life. I have kids and a house to take care of, dinner to cook, and I have a job outside of that. I'm busy! Energy Bits proved that they weren't just a supplement for athletes, but for anyone. I got behind Energy bits and the company so much. I bought a full sized bag. You know they have got to be good if my cheap self bought them. I got behind them so much that I have actually become a brand ambassador! I'm really excited about this, because they look for people who set an example and live an active lifestyle. Validation that I'm not just a mom, wife, housekeeper, and employee, but an athlete! I love my Bits, I look forward to trying other kinds, especially in the fall when my little germ carriers start bringing things home from school to share.
Being a brand ambassador, I'm able to extend a pretty sweet discount to my followers. If you want to skip straight to trying a full sized bag for yourself(trust me, totally worth it), enter the code MomsRunning at checkout, for 30% off! Still skeptical? Want to try a sample for yourself? Well you're in luck. EnergyBits is sharing a sample with one lucky follower! You'll receive a sample tin from them, which has 2-3 days worth of Bits in it. Try them out! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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