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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8/14/2012 Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Or in my case, running. I haven't posted in awhile. At this point last summer my running high had bottomed out, and quitting time was just about here. Things start to get a little hectic as school starts. And this year I have double the work as my middle child is starting preschool this year. But I haven't let that get in my way. I have tapered down to 3 runs a week now that I can tolerate "longer" runs. I use the term longer loosely because in comparison to other Princesses/Princesses in training, my runs are short runs. But I'm getting there. I've had a few runs over 4 miles and am pretty much always doing at least 3 miles. I had my longest run to date this past Friday night, 4.33 miles. I was pretty proud of myself. Before I know it I'll be at 5 miles. Meanwhile, I keep pumping money into this Disney trip. While reality hasn't fully set in that I actually signed up to do a half marathon, I figure if I keep sinking money into the trip, I won't be able to back out. That's one of the reasons I registered so early. I know myself. I know how I let my life get in the way of a goal, and I know how easily I drop my big aspirations. But I also know how badly I want to do this. I'm not doing it for time or a personal record, I'm not doing it because I love to run, I'm doing this to finish, plain and simple. I may never do it again. To be honest I can't see myself getting hooked like I hear others do, and doing anything outside of the occasional Disney half marathon. But I will do this. I will be able to put one of the 13.1 stickers on the back of my mini-van. And I will enjoy a kid free vacation because I did it :)

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